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  • Risk free option strategy: Do they exist?

    Risk free option strategy: Do they exist?

    Who does not want a insanely high return and risk free investment strategy? I know I do and I am sure you do as well. So lets see if there are any high return and low risk opportunities with Options trading. First, let us understand why do we expect returns on any investments. Lets start…

  • Short Straddle Option Selling Strategy

    Short Straddle Option Selling Strategy

    Short Straddle is the simplest non directional option selling strategy. It comprises of selling a call option and a put option at ATM strike. It is used when the seller is expecting the market to stay at one place and does not expect lot of movement in the market. Understanding short straddle Since a short…

  • European option vs American option

    European option vs American option

    Confused about various options style? then read on, as we explain various option styles and how they work.

  • What are Call (CE) Options?

    What are Call (CE) Options?

    This article assumes that you are familiar with options basic, If you are starting with options, make sure to check out our option primer. What is a Call Option? A Call option usually denoted by CE, is a type of contract between buyer and seller to buy a pre determined quantity of Shares at a pre…

  • What are PUT (PE) Options?

    What are PUT (PE) Options?

    Confused with options terminology? In this article we explain the options terms in the simplest possible way. Read to understand PUT options, and how to use PUT option based on market condition.

  • What determines Liquidity in options?

    What determines Liquidity in options?

    Liquidity is one of the most important factor to understand before you start trading. Lack of liquidity can ruin your profits even when market favors you. We explain how liquidity affects your trading and what determines liquidity.

  • When do options expire?

    When do options expire?

    Is it Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday? Is the expiry for options confusing you? This article explains all the expiries which you need to know, to trade options.

  • What are Options?

    What are Options?

    Wondering whether Options are right for you, but don’t know how to get started? This may be the right post for you to start understanding the worlds of Options.